The Possibilities of Glass Vase Decoration!

Add a stunning and unique vase to give your living room a minimalistic and elegant look. A unique glass vase reflects your personality. The glass vase changes the entire theme of all the corners of your home. A transparent glass vase is versatile and draws attention.

You can choose from various shapes and can place them near the entrance or you can pick an elegant looking vase for a lonely corner in your home. You can pair the vase with decorative flowers and with a stack of books.

You can accessorise your lovely glass vase with dried up twigs, bamboo, wildflowers, dried flowers and you can use seasonal flowers like roses, tulips, orchids, daisies and hydrangeas to give a warm and welcoming look.

You can choose a minimalistic ornament to put inside your glass vase to enjoy its transparency. You can choose decorative sand, simple but chic stems, some shells to brighten your glass vase. You can select different varieties of vase fillers such as rocks, pebbles, grains, stones and pearls. You can use fresh and artificial leaves, either works great!!